Analysis Of The Use Range And Characteristics Of The Switch

- Apr 13, 2018-

Analysis of the use range and characteristics of the switch


Scope of application:

The switch turnstile gate mainly adapts to the location, including: prison, military management area, and very strict entry and exit factories (such as chemical plants, construction sites, etc.). The mechanical part of the device contains an emergency control device. When the power is cut off, the center rotary arm can rotate freely, so that the channel is unblocked, and the power is automatically locked. With up to 11 different configurations, it can be applied to all building environment, and can solve all control problems of pedestrian exit passageway. It can control the lock or unlock state at any time, as many as twenty signal interfaces can be used to extend the function of the user.



1, stainless steel full rain proof box, new and beautiful.

2, a personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicator installation, etc.), to ensure that the system integrator's control gate equipment is simple and convenient when installed.

3, the core of the sluice gate has an automatic regulating hydraulic shock absorber. When using the sluice motion, the sound is very small, there is no impact, and the brake rod decelerates automatically. The surface of the core is electroplated with yellow dichromate.

4, programmable gate control, one or two direction control (set by user).

5. The base is fixed with an expansion bolt.

The use range and characteristics of the full height gate are analyzed. The above is the Suzhou aoteng technical personnel according to the characteristics of turnstiles and using range to make the introduction. If you need the brake machine, you can contact our staff. As a professional manufacturer, Suzhou aoteng, is specialized in three roller gates, gate gate gate, swing wing machine manufacturers. The process is good and the quality of the product is stronger. It is a product popular with customers at present. Counseling hotline: 013656250456