Analysis Of The Quality Of Walk Through Security Door

- Feb 02, 2018-

Analysis of the quality of walk through security door


Shopping is the habitual buyers follow no matter what to buy products, golden laws and precious rules, through comparing and understanding, and then through the actual use, in order to truly understand the performance of the product, so that the safety door manufacturer should be how to check the quality level?


First of all, let's talk about quality control, for the vast majority of cases, the independent brand security doors have been able to meet the security requirements, but relates to the stability factors of security door, namely the anti-interference ability, to ensure that the products can detect metal objects in adverse circumstances, can work, can work in the installation environment is not good the case, which often requires improved performance in this area.

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Sensitivity, along with the progress of domestic technology, the functional configuration products can usually detect 1 yuan coins or even smaller metals, such as the size of the ring pin. Some high-end security doors can detect 0.1 grams of metal objects. The precision of product detection has reached even more than the world's top brands.


The impact of the security gate, the door body in the process of vibration can not be continuous alarm, door security stability and anti disturbance ability directly affects the normal use of products, so customers in the purchase of the product, the product must pay attention to the impact resistance, if bad, it will affect the normal use of the later.


According to the detection principle of the safety gate magnetic field, when the magnetic field of the detecting door vibrates, it will cause false alarm. The high quality security door will not produce false alarm when no one passes through it, even in the case of magnetic field turbulence, such as strong wind or racket door, causing the door swing.


Detection effect: the security gate has the function of automatic statistics and alarm, if the number of the display is not consistent with the actual number of people, it may cause an omission, which means that there is a leak in the security check. Good security gate must ensure the accuracy of the statistical data.


The above contents are several key points in the quality control of the manufacturer. It is also a number of important factors for customers to choose to buy security doors.