Analysis Of The Interference Factors Of Metal Security Check Door

- Mar 03, 2018-

Analysis of the interference factors of metal security check door


In the process of using the walk through metal detector gate, we will often encounter many problems such as false alarm and long alarm. In fact, many times is not the reason of walk through security gate itself, but the surrounding environmental impact.


1. electronic interference

The working frequency of the metal detection gate is 7KHZ-9KHZ, and the environment around the environment should exclude the electronic products with similar working frequencies such as generators and TV.


2. object interference of moving metal

Archway metal detector are disturbed by moving metal objects. Around the environment, a large moving metal object, such as a rotating door, a vehicle, should be avoided.


3. interference between two doors

When using two or more products, the same frequency of the crystal oscillator should be avoided. The minimum distance between the two doors should be over 500 millimeters, so as to avoid interference between the metal detector scanners.