Analysis Of Technical Service Demand For Purchasing Tripod Turnstile Gates

- Oct 18, 2019-

Analysis of technical service demand for purchasing tripod turnstile gates

Many customers and friends only pay attention to the quality and price of the products when they buy the gate. We don't pay much attention to other technical services and after-sales problems. It leads to the hindrance of the use of the access gate, and even causes the situation that the problem of the access gate cannot be solved. Today, in view of the problem of tripod turnstile gate in the access gate, let's take a look at the introduction of technical personnel of Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hope to help you with your purchase.


Analysis of technical service demand for purchasing tripod turnstile gate:

1. After the goods arrive at the site, the Seller shall send technicians to the site for three roller gate installation about one week after receiving the buyer's notice, and shall be responsible for debugging until the goods pass the acceptance. The expenses incurred by the seller's personnel during the installation and commissioning shall be borne by the seller.

2. The Seller shall provide the buyer with the schedule of three roller gate installation, commissioning and trial operation one week before the goods arrive at the site.

3. The Seller shall complete the work within the installation and commissioning period specified in the contract. If the delay is caused by the seller's responsibility, all expenses incurred due to the delay shall be borne by the seller.

4. In combination with installation and commissioning, the seller's professional technical personnel shall conduct on-site training for the buyer's three roller gate technical personnel in operation, equipment maintenance and other technologies until the buyer's technical personnel can work skillfully and independently. The Seller shall be responsible for the expenses of the professional and technical personnel appointed by the seller.

5. From the date of receiving the goods, the original three-year free warranty of the three roller gate manufacturer, three-year on-site service and life-long maintenance service shall be provided. The factory information of the products shall be registered as the information of the final customer, and they shall arrive at the site for maintenance within 8 hours after receiving the call for maintenance. One year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

6. In case of equipment failure during the warranty period, the Seller shall replace the parts free of charge, which must be the original products;

7. After the warranty period, the Seller shall still be responsible for providing lifelong maintenance services for the goods, and only the cost of parts can be charged when replacing parts;

8. The tenderer of three roller gate shall provide better and more reasonable maintenance service commitment in the tender document according to its own ability.

Analysis of technical service demand for purchasing three roller gate. Generally speaking, a regular manufacturer. Not only is the body of the three roller gate more solid and durable, but also the subsequent technical services are very complete. Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional gate manufacturer, national standard 304 stainless steel, free warranty for one year. Is the leading brand in the current gate industry. Deeply trusted by customers. If you have any need, you can call our hotline to contact our technicians. They will give you professional answers.