Analysis Of Intelligent Wing Gate Passage System

- Dec 27, 2019-

Intelligent wing gate channel, which is the most common channel gate at present. We can see them in many places, such as subway, factory, guild hall and so on. Intelligent wing gate, with its elegant appearance and effective flow control, is deeply loved by managers. Today, we will analyze the intelligent wing gate channel system. I hope it can help you.

Introduction to intelligent wing brake:

Intelligent wing gate is one of the channel management equipment, which is mainly used for pedestrian channel management. It has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience, and is the ideal management and guidance equipment for pedestrian high-frequency access. It has been widely used in airports, subway stations, stations, wharves, scenic spots, public parks, student dormitories, unit pedestrian channels, etc., and it can cooperate with smart cards to realize off-line ticket sales management department Unified function and unattended management of personnel access.

Intelligent wing gate channel system composition:

The combination of wing gate and IC card reader and writer forms intelligent wing gate; the combination of intelligent wing gate and computer, access control and attendance management software forms intelligent wing gate integrated management system, which can realize access control, attendance, current limit and other functions, as well as charging functions. In other words, the intelligent wing gate channel system is mainly composed of computer / printer, intelligent card reading part, intelligent wing gate, intelligent card and management software.

Advantages of intelligent wing gate channel system:

The wing gate system adopts the non-contact intelligent RF card, which can complete the functions of multi-purpose, confidentiality, no wear and easy operation, and greatly improves the practicability of the system;

The computer and the intelligent wing gate adopt the network line docking communication, so the expansion is convenient. That is to say, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of intelligent wing gates needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent wing gates, and the software can set the new equipment;

The main board of wing gate control has TCP / IP communication interface, which can be expanded to directly control wing gate work through software, so as to facilitate centralized and unified management and control of large channel system;

The intelligent wing gate can not only run with the computer network, but also work offline. According to the parameters downloaded by the system, the wing gate automatically judges whether the user card is valid, decides whether to open the gate, and stores the record of opening the gate in the memory;

The wing gate system can be equipped with the intelligent card reading part at will, and people can reset and anti pinch through the infrared induction.

Through the expansion of counting function and the external bar screen display, it is convenient to manage the flow of people.