Analysis Of How A Hand-held Metal Detector Is Used To Replace The Battery?

- Mar 06, 2018-

Analysis of how a hand-held metal detector is used to replace the battery


Every time we passed subway stations, airports and other public places to travel, hand-held metal detector consists of a rechargeable battery and rechargeable battery two, if the user does not misuse the rechargeable battery charging circuit board can easily make the serious damage will make the battery explosion, so be sure to consult a good manufacturer before buying.

What is bringing to the readers today is how to properly disassemble the battery (attached)

1. push the lid off the battery cover with the direction sign of the battery cover

2. install the 6F22 (9 volt) battery designated by the manufacturer according to the positive and negative pole sign of the battery cover

3. if the battery is installed or disassembled, the battery cover should be tightened so as to prevent the water from entering the circuit board.