Analysis Of Equipment Innovation Of Metal Detector

- May 13, 2019-

As you all know, the application of metal detection has a history of more than 50 years. In this process, products have been constantly updated. As a manufacturer of detection and detection instruments, Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co Ltd invests a lot of manpower and funds in research and development every year, and develops the latest generation after generation of circuit boards. Here is a brief introduction of future metals. Innovative measures and necessity of detection equipment:


First of all, we all know the harmfulness of mixed metal in products. We have elaborated many times before on the damage to equipment and the impact on personal health and safety. With the wide promotion of HACCP certification system, the public is increasingly concerned about the safety of food, medicine and other industries, which makes it necessary to detect metal foreign bodies in products and prevent the flow of substandard products. Entering the market, thus protecting the health and safety of consumers and the brand image of producers, has a positive effect.

The working environment of metal detection instrument and equipment will cause certain interference to the use of equipment, because the surrounding environment will have different mechanical and electronic equipment, each object has a certain different frequency, these frequencies may be consistent with or close to the working frequency of metal detection instrument, then interference will occur, affecting the sensitivity of detection. In order to solve this problem, we should It is required that metal detection equipment can automatically detect the working frequency. Intelligent numerical control system needs to be equipped with automatic detection of the interference frequency of the relevant surrounding environment, so as to automatically eliminate the interference by frequency conversion and achieve the best detection environment. At present, the most commonly used metal detectors and metal detectors of single frequency are still in the market, because of performance limitations, they can only be used. It is better to work in a better environment, such as metal detection equipment can not exist within 2 meters of the periphery of large-scale electronic equipment and mobile metal machinery equipment, and with automatic frequency conversion function, for the replacement of products or packaging, there is no need for professional and technical personnel to personally debug and replace, just need to automatically detect and replace, this is particularly important for stainless steel detection.

In addition, in order to improve the stability of metal detection equipment, it is particularly important for the research and development of coils and fixed modes. The selection of high-quality coils, the reinforcement method of the shaper and the structure setting of the box are of great help to improve the anti-interference performance of the equipment, including vibration, electromagnetic interference, deformation of the box, heat shock and other factors that often affect the detection in the past. Substitute metal testing equipment has undergone considerable changes. The development and improvement of intelligent display and control operating system also gives operators convenience and quickness. Multilingual settings also facilitate the export of equipment to the international market. Simple and intelligent manipulation settings of technical parameters are as convenient as using smart phones. In complex working environments, devices can be freely adjusted to give full play to their best performance and high and low frequencies. Switching and automatic search functions, so that products can adapt to only a few seconds of effort, on the basis of the original functions, developed data storage, automatic analysis and other traceability functions, through the interface of industrial standards, you can connect to the network and download data.