Analysis Of Common Faults In Swing Turnstile Gate?

- Sep 10, 2019-

In peacetime, the use of the turnstile gate is very common, and the location of the turnstile gate is the area of dense human flow. Therefore, the failure is inevitable. Today, let's take a look at the analysis of common faults in swing gates. I hope I can give you some help.

Analysis of common faults in swing turnstile gates:

1. The swing arm swings back and forth after switching on power or opens without limit.

Determine whether the limit photoelectric switch is working properly?

Detection method: Cover the case cover; if it is necessary to open the case or the core cover, please use metal objects to shield the sensing area of the limit whether the light is on or not. If it is not on, it will be broken. When the metal object is removed, the red light will be extinguished, and if it is not extinguished, it will also be bad. The object occlusion limit photoelectric switch is debugged.

2. Test Limited Photoelectric Switch:

A. Check the power supply of zero-position, left-position and right-position limit photoelectric switches. Check whether the 4PIN wire head is loose or not in bad contact.

B. Enter the debugging menu P00, turn the brake shaft to drive the light shield to cut off the photoelectric coupler of the left, zero and right position limit photoelectric switch in turn. When the photoelectric coupler is cut off, the indicator light will be strained and swing the output voltage to + 12V, otherwise the limit photoelectric switch will be damaged.

3. Check whether the connection between the limit photoelectric switch and the motherboard is reliable?

The main board will be damaged if the limit photoelectric switch and cable are normal.

4. Reset the gate immediately after it is opened or not after it is opened.

When the pedestrian passes through, the brake is not immediately reset or the brake is locked or reset immediately after the brake is opened: swing detection method: first, check the photoelectric switch and whether it is on; when there is signal output, the L2 or L4 indicator lights on the motherboard will turn on, otherwise the motherboard will be damaged; check whether the parameter setting of the motherboard P08 is set as a band. Memory;


5. No action of the brake after switching to the effective opening signal

1) The main board indicator is normal. When the effective opening signal is given, the L7 or L8 indicator flashes intermittently, and the direction indicator becomes a green arrow (which contains two signals in different directions). The swing gate does not move. The detection method is to detect the output voltage (AC18V) of PC and PD at the PX terminal, and to detect whether the F2 (3A) fuse or not. If normal, check whether there is voltage output (DC24V) at both ends of MA and MB of DX connection, and if there is output, check whether there is de-welding of motor connection, and whether the motor is damaged.

2) The main board indicator lights are not on and the LED digital tube is not displayed.

Detection methods: detect the voltage output (AC12V) of PA and PB at PX terminal, and detect the fuse of F1 (2A) fuse. If the above are normal, judge the damage of the motherboard;

6. When on-line use, the photoelectric switch will be switched on as soon as it is disconnected from the radiation.

1) Check whether there is no one-to-one corresponding connection between the swing on-line lines;

2) Check the menu function settings of the motherboard, P04 menu settings function selection (see menu debugging instructions for details).

7. When switching on-line, two gates are not synchronized when switching on-line

1) The time settings of the two swing gates are different. (See the operating instructions of system parameter settings) Check the time parameters of P03 and P17.

2) Check the on-line line, whether the line is loose or off-welded.

8. Open position of swing arm and inversion of swing arm after swing-off

1) Detecting the battery voltage (not less than DC8V, less than 8V to replace the battery);

2) Check whether the line is loose or de-welded, and detect the voltage output (DC12V) of MA and MB terminals of the CON1 terminal of the power-off control board, otherwise the power-off control board will be damaged.

3) Detecting left and right open limit photoelectric switch and motherboard respectively.

4) The excessive clearance of the machine core causes the swing arm to sway and the light shield to move. The limit signal is not detected after swing-on, which causes the motor to reverse.

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