An Introduction To The Characteristics Of The Intelligent Brake Machine

- Mar 27, 2018-

An introduction to the characteristics of the intelligent brake machine


Intelligent turnstile gate is ubiquitous in current applications. The application places are mainly the airport, the station, the wharf, the scenic spots, the factories, the district and so on. The barrier gate is not only fast, reliable, and more convenient. In addition, with the entrance guard attendance system, it is possible to carry out the restriction of personnel, attendance and import and export management.

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1. Time limit management function of intelligent turnstile gate

In most places, all users must be equipped with IC induction card access. When entering and blocking the gate, we need to shake the IC sensor card slightly before the IC card reader. After the card reader confirms the identity of the cardholder, the barrier can be opened automatically.


The IC induction card of the passing intelligent gate has powerful time limit function, which makes multilevel management. IC induction cards are mainly divided into two categories:


(1) employee card

The employee card is authorized by the competent department. When the employee card is stuck in and out of the gate, the card number, the name of the holder, the name and number of the access channel will be displayed on the computer. The employee card is lost to pay the penalty for not re side, otherwise stop gate import permission.


(2) temporary visitor card

The temporary visitor card is also issued by the competent department and stored at the gate guard. The time limit for the visitor card is one day, the visitor is registered at the doorman, the data is recorded, and the license card can enter the lock.


Two, the statistics and inquiry function of the entrance guard of intelligent shutter

The entrance guard system can automatically count the frequency, direction, time and other information of the flow of people in and out of the entrance. The query report can be output when the query is needed.


Three, the alarm function of intelligent shutter

When there is a case of illegal entry, the two sets of infrared devices inside the barrier are detected after illegal entry, activate the alarm function of the system immediately, and record the alarm time. Only a person holding an effective card or an effective identity authentication will not activate the alarm signal when it is blocked.


The characteristics of the intelligent brake machine are introduced. From the above introduction, we also have a certain understanding of the selection and characteristics of the intelligent gate. In this regard, Suzhou aoteng technology technicians tell you that in normal times, we must choose gate lock machines according to their actual conditions and choose their own unique features. Suzhou air technology, as a professional brake machine manufacturers, in view of the different requirements and the environment, there are targeted solutions. So, if you have the need, you can contact us. We will give you a professional answer.