All Digital Flat-panel Microcomputer Type Metal Detector Is Favored By The Market

- Jun 24, 2020-

All digital flat-panel microcomputer type metal detector is favored by the market

At present, the metal detection equipment, which takes the new digital technology detection as the core and combines with the intelligent micro-computer LCD touch screen operating system, has been widely favored and applied in the market. Its market share has been continuously expanded, and the industry application has been continuously expanded and extended. In particular, the large-scale export-oriented manufacturers pay more attention to the performance and quality of the metal inspection equipment due to strict product control, so that the high-precision, high stability and multi-functional metal inspection equipment maintain a good momentum of growth, and are expected to dominate the market in the next few years.

In the past year, with the further development of China's economy and driven by new technologies, the metal detection industry has maintained a relatively stable growth, especially the new digital metal detector. In addition to the continuous research and development of the latest circuit board technology, manufacturers have gradually improved the technology and manufacturing level of metal detection, high-quality coils and new technology circuit boards, It can ensure high-speed signal acquisition, transmission and processing. Multi frequency application and phase adjustment technology can adapt to the detection of different products in all industries, and the applicability of products is more extensive. The application of self balance processing technology and anti-interference technology can effectively improve the working stability of the equipment, and also greatly improve the sensitivity of product detection.


Of course, there are still different types and configurations of metal detection equipment in the market, even the style equipment 30 years ago still exist, which also shows that the current economic and industrial development in China is still unbalanced, and it can also be said that there is a certain demand in the world market, there is a need for demand, different grades of products to adapt to different market needs, metal detector Manufacturers and sellers should have different products with different market positioning. Developed regions should adapt to high-end products, while underdeveloped regions need low-end products with good quality and low price. They should make corresponding decisions according to different regional economies, and the production of different types of products should be determined according to their own technical characteristics and development requirements.

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of metal detection equipment. It is a professional metal detector manufacturer, metal detection door manufacturer. We pay special attention to scientific research and development. At present, we have launched a new digital tablet microcomputer type metal detector, which is different according to the use needs and characteristics of different users For the products configured, the economic funds are suitable for the users with low requirements, the middle end standard products are suitable for the users with certain budget ability, and the high-precision and high-stability products are suitable for the high-end users. We can also customize according to the needs of different operating environments of users.