Airport Leads The Demand For High-end Safety Gates And Safety Inspection Machine Equipment

- Jun 26, 2019-

Airport has always been the most demanding area of security equipment, especially high-end walk through metal detector security doors and X-ray baggage scanner security equipment. The airport has strict requirements for security inspection equipment, and the complexity of security inspection management and control system is higher than that of general application occasions. Airport security inspection system is mostly integrated with baggage consignment system. It has the functions of automatic security inspection and multi-path optimization. It has a high degree of intelligence, so it is expensive. Due to the large passenger and cargo flow, the number of security equipment used is also the largest. According to the estimated annual passenger throughput and corresponding freight volume of different grade hub airports, about 40 cargo security channels and 50 passenger security inspection channels are needed for large hub airports, 20 cargo security channels and 30 passenger security inspection channels are needed for medium hub airports.

In terms of technology, the airport has been leading the development of security equipment, especially high-end door frame metal detector and security check machines. Many of the latest and most advanced security equipment are often first introduced and used by the airport.

Airport expansion, new airport construction and security inspection system upgrade are the main driving forces for the growth of demand for airport security inspection equipment applications. Due to the rapid development of civil airports, the market of explosion-proof security equipment for airports in China has exceeded 1.8 billion yuan in the five years from 2013 to 2017.