After Sales Service Of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate

- Nov 04, 2019-

After sales service of walk through metal detector security door

Pre sale service

1. Provide product information, product detailed explanation, on-site demonstration and product technical consultation

2. Design planning scheme and technical guidance for customers free of charge;

3. Provide customers with the flow scheme for the use of security door, X-ray safety inspection equipment, drug and explosive detector and explosion-proof tank.

4. Assist customers to select supporting equipment and auxiliary measures.

5. Provide professional design and service programs for large-scale activities free of charge.

Sale service

1. Ensure the safe and fast delivery; when the equipment arrives at the installation site, Simao company will send engineers to the equipment site for installation and commissioning, to ensure the best use status, and provide free training for the operators in use, operation and daily maintenance.

2. Assist to solve the technical problems that may be encountered (such as site environment, passing requirements, location setting, etc.); assist the user to design the personnel allocation and responsibility division during the use of the equipment; after the installation and acceptance, the user shall fill in the acceptance report.

After-sale service

1. Quick response: in case of equipment failure within the warranty period, Simao company will reply within 4 hours after receiving the repair notice from the customer, provide solutions within 8 hours, arrive in place within 24 hours, and provide all day hotline and fax support;

2. One month replacement: within one month after the user purchases the product, if it is a product quality problem (non-human damage), it shall be replaced;

3. One year warranty: calculated within one week from the date of user's acceptance and signature, all products can enjoy free warranty service provided by the company within one year;

4. Lifelong maintenance: the company provides long-term technical consultation, technical training, product upgrading and other services for users;

5. Regular inspection: after the user purchases the product, the company will arrange technical personnel to visit the customer regularly to ensure the normal use of the customer's equipment; after the maintenance is completed, the maintenance engineer shall fill in the maintenance report in time, including the cause of the failure, the handling situation and the user's opinion. The maintenance report shall be kept by both parties for record.

6. Technical support: if the user encounters any problem in use, call our 24-hour service hotline at any time to ensure that your problem is solved in time and smoothly;

7. "One stop" service: the company uses a variety of ways (telephone, fax, Internet, on-site guidance) to answer customers' questions efficiently at any time;

8. Old for new: old customers can enjoy the old for new business of our company with the purchase contract;

9. Expanding service: the company undertakes technical support, maintenance and after-sales service for all kinds of domestic and imported security doors, metal detectors, metal detectors, drug and explosive detectors, X-ray safety inspection equipment;