A Wide Range Of Court Walk-through Metal Detector Security Doors

- Mar 09, 2018-

A wide range of court walk-through metal detector security doors


Some people say that the court installed archway security gates, the result is that the court of the door into the difficult now. Recently, a court member took a pesticide on the court to prepare pesticide when the court situation was bad for himself. The result was checked out at the door of the courtroom and avoided a drug taking incident. Some of the court's security inspection doors are installed at the gate, and some are installed at the front of the courtroom. In fact, from the perspective of safety,arched metal detector security gate should be installed at every court. Every court must have security check to ensure the safety of people's lives.

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Before the court when the safety check door is not installed, there have been many parties with sulfuric acid, explosives, knives and other weapons to enter the court, causing casualties, the occurrence of these events, the judge's personal safety, the court order affected the image of the court and judicial authority of the damage. In the last two years, local courts have begun to install security doors, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents, and indeed protecting the people's life and safety. But some people do not understand, or some of the security people do not understand the common sense of security inspection, it is inevitable that some mistakes will appear. But the court is a sacred place, which needs mandatory "security inspection". I believe that the role of the security gate will provide a safety barrier for the masses and the court to work normally.