A Typical Case Of Aoteng Intelligent Walk Through Security Gate System Applied To Passenger Station Security Inspection

- Aug 16, 2019-

Maidun Intelligent Security Inspection System is used in the passenger station inspection process basically like this: when personnel enter the checkpoint, according to the guidance of the site staff, go to the inspection area for inspection.


Step 1: Pass the Intelligent X-ray baggage scanner Security Inspection Machine. Putting baggage items on the security machine, the camera will capture the face and bind them to the baggage items. The baggage images checked by the security machine are uploaded to the big data platform for feature comparison and recognition, and stored in the database for in-depth learning of artificial intelligence.

Step 2: Through the face recognition of walk through security gate, passengers queue up and pass through the door frame metal detector gate in an orderly manner. The camera captures the face and compares the blacklist.


Step 3: Accept safety check. Security inspectors use metal detectors to check that they are not carrying inflammable and explosive articles or controlled tools.

Step 4: Identity checking. Passengers need to put their ID cards on the ID card detector of the gate to confirm that the ID cards are authentic and valid.

Step 5: Face recognition. Passengers put their ID cards on the verification desk for scanning, waiting for a few seconds outside the yellow line of the gate, facing the face recognition system, allowing the system camera to take photos and compare