A Solution To The Constant Alarm Of The Walk-through Security Gate

- Mar 07, 2018-

A solution to the constant alarm of the walk-through security gate


In the process of using the  security check door, there will be frequent noises, unusual vibration or single location lights flashing. When we have these problems, we must not worry. We can check and solve them through several ways.

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First of all, the walk through metal detector often has the following factors:


1.Is there any large metal in the vicinity?

In fact, we can find in the trip, the general security inspection machine and other machines

The location of the device is relatively open. This is because there is a circuit board and a fixed magnetic field inside the security check door. If the magnetic field is destroyed, it will easily cause frequent noises and false report.

Solution: do not accumulate debris near the security door, especially metal, placed in a more open space.


2.If security inspectors carry with them magnetic items?

Some security inspectors will wear some accessories, such as brooch, iron hairpin, bracelet and earring, which will destroy the fixed magnetic field of check door.

Solution: the security inspectors should carefully check the items before they go on duty and confirm that they do not carry the articles related to security inspection.


3. if safety check door position is stable?

Arch metal detectors use places high requirements, including ground stability is very important, the ground surface is uneven bumps ring often prone to false alarms

Solution: try to place the door frame metal detector in the smooth ground, and if the ground is not smooth, a board can be placed under the ground to ensure balance.


4.Whether the sensitivity of security door is too high?

The sensitivity of the walk-through security scanner door is tested, but some items are different and the sensitivity is different.

Solution: the items that need to be detected are adjusted in turn until the sensitivity required by the inspecting item is reached.


The above is the Suzhou aoteng electronic summing up on the security door ring often cause.