A Provincial Health Planning Commission Requires Examination Halls To Set Up Metal Detection Security Gates And X-ray Security Machines

- Apr 17, 2019-

As a part-time worker, Xiaobian's idea of promotion and salary increase is the same as that of many working people. So in order to raise salary, it is a good way to obtain skills certificates for taking professional qualification examinations in some countries. Recently, the health professional qualification examinations and the nurse practicing qualification examinations should be required by some provincial government departments. Because of the large number of examinations, in order to maintain the fairness of the examinations. Fair, schools that undertake examinations need to be equipped with examination room security gates, and candidates can only enter the examination room after passing the security inspection. Henan Health and Family Planning Commission reminds candidates that they should arrive at the examination site one hour ahead of time for security inspection, so as to avoid affecting the examination. In order not to affect the efficiency of security inspection, please prepare in advance for the proper placement of the items required for individual examinations.


So what is the purpose of setting up examination security gates in the examination room? I think you have already understood that, to put it simply, the examination room security gate can check the electronic and metal items that candidates carry with them, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, recording pens and other electronic devices with data transmission functions, so as to prevent candidates from cheating, so as to safeguard the principle of fair and just examination. Xiaobian suggests that a hand-held metal detector should be added to the security door for secondary inspection, so as to improve the quality of security inspection.

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