A New Type Of Human Security Machine For Detecting Non Metal Products

- Mar 08, 2018-

A new type of human security machine for detecting non metal products


University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, before the new breakthroughs in scientific research, the expert team developed two sets of terahertz human security machine". Unlike the current metal security doors and X-ray inspection machines used in airports, it can detect non-metallic dangerous goods such as ceramic knives, engineering plastic pistols and organic explosives, which further enhance the level of security inspection.


The team also developed a "long distance terahertz imaging security machine", which is suitable for large public places such as large scale parks. Once the machine shows someone carrying suspicious items, the security inspectors can check them to eliminate the hidden dangers.


"Terahertz" (THz) is a unit of frequency, and 1 terahertz is equal to 10 of 12 cubic meters of square hertz. The electromagnetic wave at the frequency of 0.1 - 10THz, called the terahertz wave, is between far infrared and millimeter waves. According to reports, photoelectric MIT President Zhuang Songlin academicians in the electromagnetic wave in the family, the status of terahertz wave is very special, because it is in the transition region, cross microwave electronics and infrared photonics, and terahertz source and detector, for a long time, the scientific community lacks systematic research.


Since the 90s of last century, researchers have begun to develop terahertz sources and detectors, making terahertz technology the forefront of the world's science and technology. In 2004, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used terahertz technology as one of the "ten technologies to change the world of the future". The United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Project (DARPA), the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and other institutions invested heavy gold, the terahertz wave used in military and space exploration projects. The Japanese government listed it as the "ten key strategic goals of national pillar technology". It announced that it will achieve terahertz high-speed communication at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games at a speed of 100000 trillion per second, which is 1000 times the current LTE network.


It is reported that in 2012, the United States introduced the batches of terahertz body safety inspector into the airport security inspection system to prevent terrorists carrying organic explosives and other dangerous products from boarding. It is foreseeable that terahertz technology will change our lives in many fields.