A Highly Sensitive Handheld Metal Detector For The Examination Room

- Mar 09, 2018-

A highly sensitive handheld metal detector for the examination room


As everyone knows, the hand-held metal detector viewing device, especially very concerned about sensitivity, according to our staff know, the campus has a very important exam, need to use the most stringent screening method to check for examination of the safety and environment test checks.


Topic background: an examination of some important categories, because of its particularity, not only need very strict examination, but also have a few criminals to use some discipline and things are interference and manipulation, this serious violation of discipline, also affect the interests of candidates. And the most expensive job is how to look at the mini headphones? With the continuous progress of science and technology, people who use micro earphones to do illegal activities have been produced, and such objects are difficult to see. Because they are too small to hide inside their ears, it is more difficult to check them out. But after analysis, it is found that no matter what earphone, there will be metal material, not all plastic products, so this will bring feasibility to security inspection.


Suzhou aoteng is a dedicated security door (http://www.chinesedetector.com), metal detectors and other security products R & D, production, sales of one of the leading companies, analysis of security equipment experts: in order to escape the view, natural content of metal material of these items is very small, therefore, the exploration of handheld metal exploration, we need to sensitivity exceptionally high, and after that test, as long as the American Garrett company produced the imported Garrett Superwand metal prospecting can be in terms of price and sensitivity to fit the needs of this product, because the beginning is high need to view the planning and development, can exploration to half a small staple close, and we all know, a stapler a brief exploration is in contrast, and view the process of half a small staple, need to close and secure of exploration A good Explorer can be completed, or a brief misreport, which is very high.