A Hand-held Drug Detector For Fast Drug Detection

- Oct 22, 2019-

The portable drug detector is a kind of advanced ion mobility device which is widely used in the world, and it is used for fast and accurate identification of unknown drugs. It can quickly detect the traces of suspicious drugs, explosives and ammunition left on hands, vehicles and packages. Peihong electronic ph700 can quickly detect drugs, shooting residues and explosives. It is a specialized drug testing equipment designed for law enforcement, military, government, border control, forensics experts, commercial and personal security organs.

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Law enforcement officers, laboratory technicians, crime scene investigators and many others face major threats to drug trafficking and abuse. New drugs are emerging at an alarming rate, and the global drug problem is out of control. Ion migration can provide rapid and accurate sample selection for law enforcement and crime scene. It can quickly provide valuable information, thus reducing the time and cost of analysis, while protecting the personal safety of law enforcement personnel. It is a perfect solution for rapid identification of various forensic samples directly in the field or laboratory. Through the function of mixture analysis, the distribution and source of drugs and anesthetics can be determined by quickly collecting samples and scanning on site.


At present, law enforcement departments use drug specific test kits as positive indicators of presumptive evidence, but these specific test kits are not available. The seized samples are then sent to the laboratory for confirmatory testing, which may take weeks or even months to obtain the test results. Now the instruments for field testing are being miniaturized and simplified. Although the accuracy of laboratory test is good, the cost of reagents is long. However, Raman technology can provide rapid and accurate sample detection for law enforcement departments to reduce time and cost, while protecting the personal safety of citizens. It is the perfect solution to identify a variety of forensic sample types directly in the field or laboratory. The transition from laboratory to on-site analytical testing allows users to conduct rapid sample testing during the arrest process, reducing the burden of laboratory testing and accelerating the prosecution process.

Application fields of dp300 portable drug detector: on-site anti drug and illegal drug detection; anti-terrorism and anti riot, security inspection and explosive detection; security card point, customs, border defense, railway, airport security inspection; security patrol, large-scale activity security; law enforcement department investigation and evidence collection.