A Brief Introduction To Metal Detectors

- Nov 30, 2017-

Metal detectors are a high-performance metal detectors designed for security. There are three main categories: Electromagnetic induction type, X-ray detection type, microwave detection type, is used to detect metal electronic instruments, can be used in many fields.


In military, metal detectors can be used to detect metal mines; In the field of security, weapons and instrumentalities can be detected, carried or concealed; in archaeology, tombs of buried metal objects can be detected, gold and silver in tombs and jewellery or other metal products found in the tomb, which can be used to detect underground metal implants, such as pipelines, Pipelines, etc. in mineral exploration, it can be used to detect and discover natural gold particles; industrial, can be used for online monitoring, such as removing cotton, coal, food and other metal sundries. Metal detectors can also be used as a tool for youth defense education and Popular science activities, but also an interesting entertainment toy, especially in recent years, Europe and the United States have a wide range of personal interest-type metal detectors, metal detection activities evolved into a part of the outdoor movement.