8.2 Bangkok Explosion: Thai Explosives Inspection Needs To Be Strengthened

- Aug 15, 2019-

From the evening of August 1 to the morning of August 2, 2019, explosions occurred in several places in Bangkok. As of the deadline, there were 4 places near the junction 57/1 of Rama 9, the platform of BTS Chong Non Si and the building of Mahanakon, the government building B of Chaengwattana and the front of the door of the office of the Deputy Chief Defense Officer of Srisaman Road in Bangkok. Several explosions occurred successively, and bombs or suspected explosives were found near Chaengwattana's Royal Thai Army, Hua Mak Station and Yodpiman Wharf. Bangkok was panicked for a while. Thai explosives inspection needs to be strengthened.


Around 08:50, an explosion occurred on Rama 9 Road in Bangkok. The explosion injured two cleaning workers, suspected of having a table tennis bomb, and two injured people were taken to hospital for treatment. According to the injured, while cleaning at the roadside, she accidentally encountered an object wrapped with black tape, and then issued an explosion sound which caused the injury. Police initially suspected that the object was a ping-pong bomb. In addition, staff found a pen pistol and two knives in the grass at the scene of the accident.


Around 09:30, police found four bombs in front of the Chaengwattana government center. A large number of police searched nearby. The Thai Public Safety Bomb Disposal and Bomb Team (EOD) spent more than two hours dismantling the last canned bomb. The shell of the bomb was blue plastic, with a lid, a handle on the lid, and marbles and stationary balls all over the jar. Time circuit board and explosive fuel, bomb and timer are connected. A cordon was drawn up 100 metres around the site of the explosion.


Su Tie, managing director of Airport Express Line Operating Company of China Railway Administration, said that after the explosion in several locations in Bangkok, the company would take measures to strengthen the security inspection in order to ensure the safety of passengers and enhance public confidence in using the Airport Express Line service. In addition to strict inspection of incoming passengers and suspicious objects, explosion-proof police dogs will be arranged in the stations and trains.


Police dog inspection of explosives is still a relatively traditional method. Faced with the fast pace and the development of new types of explosives, police dogs need training for animals. Sometimes animals also have emotions. In order to increase efficiency, inspection needs a complementary machine class. Here Aoteng's new portable explosive drug detector, not only carries it. It is easy to carry, equipped with intelligent detection system and easy to operate and clean. It is widely used in key security zones such as metro, railway, public prosecution, judicial, frontier defense, government units, postal logistics, etc. It can quickly detect prohibited articles and suspicious items such as human clothing, luggage, drug and explosive residues on the surface of goods.