High Sensitivity Metal Separator

AT2005C high sensitivity free fall pipeline metal separator adopts German technology, high-end products, it has high sensitivity and reliability and reliability. It is used to separate magnetic and non-magnetic metals from free fall bulk materials
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Product Details

AT2005C high sensitivity free fall pipeline metal separator

1. Application Industry

Plastic industry, chemical industry, food industry.

2. Working Principle

The raw material passes through the detector by falling body, and the separating baffle is activated immediately when the metal is detected. The raw material containing metal particles is removed from the separating port, and the qualified product is directly dropped into the qualified material from the qualified material blanking pipe.

3. Product Advantage

1. Intelligent detection, maintenance-free;

2. The shell and the metal material of the direct contact part are made of stainless steel 304.

3. Special structural design can effectively avoid the interference of external factors such as vibration, noise and product effect.

4. Various calibers are available, and the models can meet all practical applications.

5. Can avoid product accumulation, obstruction and mildew;

4. Performance characteristics

1. Collective detection coil, controller and separation device are integrated, which is easy to install and use.

2. The material loss can be reduced to the greatest extent by rapid removal through the removal device.

3. Installation height is small and easy to integrate.

4. Testing material characteristics: dry, good fluidity, no long fibers, no conductivity;

5. Testing material temperature: less than 80 C, temperature beyond this range, select special high temperature options;

6. The controller can be installed at the detection position of 10m.

7. Protection Level: IP65

6. It is mainly used to detect loose granular materials (granular 8mm) feeding by gravity self-flow. It can be used in plastic industry, food industry and chemical industry.

5. Benefits of using metal separators

1. Protecting Production Equipment

2. Improving Production Efficiency

3. Improving the Utilization Rate of Raw Materials

4. Improving product quality

5. Reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and the loss caused by shutdown maintenance