Automatic Remover Metal detector

AT-J500B-5 Push-plate automatic removal digital and intellectual metal detector The design of the pneumatic push board can be connected with the production line, which can realize the automatic on-line metal detection and the automatic elimination of the bad products.
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Product Details

Push-plate automatic removal High quality tunnel conveyor belt industry metal detector 

Model No:AT-J500B-5

A metal detection device with a push plate removal mechanism comprises a support, on which a material conveying mechanism is arranged, and the material conveying mechanism comprises a conveying belt.

The push board removing mechanism comprises a push board component symmetrically arranged on both sides of the conveyor belt and a defective recycling box. The recovery port is arranged on one side of the push board component, and the push board component comprises two support plates vertically arranged on the support plate, a regulating plate mounted above the two support plates, and an installation. A cylinder on the regulating plate, a fixing block connected with the piston rod of the cylinder and a vertical push plate arranged on the fixing block are provided.

Metal detection device with pusher eliminating mechanism can quickly remove unqualified products by pusher eliminating mechanism, which greatly reduces the unqualified rate, reduces the manufacturing cost, improves the accuracy of products and shortens the manufacturing cycle.