X-ray security machines do not cause food residues

- Apr 15, 2019-

Before, there was a news that a woman refused to put her bag on the x-ray security machine when she was passing through the baggage security machine. With the persuasion of the security personnel, the woman got excited and blocked the metal detection security door so that no other passengers could enter the station. What made the woman so excited? Originally, the woman carried fresh vegetables in her bag. She was afraid that the vegetables would not absorb X-rays well, so she did not want to go through the box and bag x-ray security machine.


In response to this problem, technicians said that there is no need to worry about the radiation of the X-ray security machine on food. The radiation of an object depends mainly on its content and composition. Food such as fruits and other foods will not be left behind by X-ray radiation, let alone cumulative damage. Some fresh packaged foods are sterilized by radiation, such as gamma ray, which is good for food preservation without any residue. Regarding the radiation amount of the X-ray security checker for bags, he said that the intensity of the radiation device can not be generalized, but it must be below the safety line, so the citizens can rest assured. In order to install and use all these devices, they must be verified by the environmental protection department. Within the limits of the national standards, they are usually far below the management restrictions on individuals, that is, how much dose each person can accept.

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