X-ray security machine and metal detection security gate make the exhibits of Wenzhou Museum more exciting

- Apr 16, 2019-

Wenzhou People's Museum is different from Wenzhou Museum. There is a wonderful Wenzhou story behind every exhibit in Wenzhou People's Museum. Many of the exhibits are donated by Wenzhou people all over the world. Among them, there are many memorable archives and materials of celebrities from all walks of life in modern Wenzhou. Therefore, for Wenzhou Museum, every exhibit is meaningful, anti-theft has become the top priority of Wenzhou Museum, and security machine and Museum metal detection security door have powerful anti-theft function.


The "Golden Eye" of the security inspection machine is realized by X-ray. It is an electronic device that can complete the inspection by sending the checked luggage into the X-ray inspection channel by means of conveyor belt. The security detector can display different color images on the screen according to the degree of X-ray absorption of the object. The security inspector can quickly see the perspective image of X-ray scanning, and can judge whether there are contraband items by abundant experience. It can be checked whether the exhibits are carried out in the luggage of the attendees. Museum metal detection security doors allow security personnel to find the person's metal articles in time. Locate and alarm to prevent exhibits from being taken out of the museum. Museum metal detection security gates with the best performance can detect paper clip size items. Installation of Wenzhou Museum Security Machine and Museum Metal Detection Security Gate effectively prevented theft.

Security machines and Museum metal detection security gates can be used not only in museums, but also in most factories, Museum metal detection security gates will be installed to identify whether anyone carries metal objects out of the factory, so as to prevent products from being taken out of the factory in violation of regulations. As a manufacturer of metal detection and security gate and X-ray security machine, Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing Otten series of Museum metal detection and security gate, X-ray security gate, channel gate, etc. for 10 years. The price of Museum metal detection and security gate is favorable and the quality is guaranteed. Welcome your inquiry.