X-ray Foreign Matter Scanner Machine for Safeguarding Our Daily Life

- Sep 20, 2019-

Nowadays, our living standard is getting higher and higher, and there are higher requirements for the safety and quality of food and industrial products for daily use. The state has also formulated strict safety testing regulations and regulations accordingly. In order to better meet the relevant needs and improve the detection level, food X-ray machine has also developed from the original single-view detection technology to a new multi-view detection technology, in order to provide more choices for customers with different needs.

X-ray foreign matter scanner machine is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industries. The quality control of food industry meets the requirements of HACCP and IFS certification, identifies product defects, such as product breakage, product deformation or product missing, and eliminates potential product quality hazards.

X射线异物检测机 (2)_副本

What foreign bodies can X-ray foreign matter scanner machine detect?

It can detect foreign bodies in foods (such as meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.), including metals, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc. It can also identify product defects, such as packaging cracks, air bubbles, content defects, etc. and achieve complete product detection.

Using X-ray penetration ability, from hard foreign bodies such as bones, plastics to all kinds of metal foreign bodies can be more sensitive and stable to detect, to help you more effectively improve the quality of finished products.

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