X-ray foreign body detector is a powerful tool for food safety detection

- Nov 20, 2019-

X-ray foreign body detector is a powerful tool for food safety detection

Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to food safety in our country. If we eat foreign matters in packaged food, it will not only cause harm to consumers, but also affect the brand effect of manufacturers. So in food production, what are the main sources of foreign matters? How can foreign matters in food be detected and eliminated?


Classification of food foreign matters:

Foreign body in itself: foreign body in the product itself, all foreign bodies in the product itself that can not be accepted by customers, such as paste slag, fishbone, etc.

Foreign matters: metal, glass, sand, hair, thread hair, paper scraps, wood scraps, plastic, paper slag, glove skin, and other items other than this food.

Once the food mixed with foreign matters enters the market for sale, it may cause harm to the health of consumers, and also lead to a significant decline in the brand effect of the company's products. Therefore, it is necessary to use X-ray foreign body detector to detect food.

The X-ray foreign body detector developed and manufactured by Suzhou aoteng technology is a fully automatic food quality control system, which uses X-ray imaging technology. Through the internal transmission imaging of food, we can detect external foreign matters, such as metal, stone, glass, bone and high-density plastic, etc. Perform multiple different functions at the same time, such as detection of shape, weight or internal defects. Even testing high humidity foods or packaging materials for foods that contain metals is not a problem. Advanced X-ray detection technology solutions can also ensure that the detection sensitivity is fully optimized.