X-ray foreign body detector improves nut quality

- Dec 30, 2019-

X-ray foreign body detector improves nut quality

To ensure the leading position of the enterprise, product quality and consumer safety are always the top priority of TX company. The biggest challenges TX faces in the field of product testing are:

1) All our products are packed in aluminum foil.

2) There are various products on the production line, such as peanuts, broad beans, cashew nuts, etc.; moreover, these products have different packaging forms and specifications (such as 20, 40, 200 and 500 grams).


Therefore, the challenge for the product testing equipment is to find the pollutants in the aluminum foil packaging, to speed up the production process and to change the product type simply and flexibly.

Using an X-ray foreign body detector for multi-channel detection is an ideal solution. By dividing the inspection channel into two parts, the products from two packaging production lines can pass through an X-ray inspection equipment at the same time to detect and remove the contaminated products. The contaminated products are removed to the collection box below the detection line; this process has its own safety system, and only authorized personnel such as QA can handle the removed products and conduct more detailed inspection.

This is a significant capital investment relative to the low profit product value. Therefore, it is very important to make the best use of everything. In addition to metal chips, X-ray foreign body detector can detect other pollutants, such as glass, stone, bone and some plastic debris. It is very important for enterprises to build quality inspection system.