X-ray food foreign body detector can also carry out defect inspection

- Dec 24, 2019-

X-ray food foreign matter scanner machine can not only detect foreign bodies! It can also carry out defect inspection

X-ray foreign matter scanner, or X-ray foreign body detector, has been put into use in the food industry. In addition to detecting metal and density non-metal foreign bodies in products, X-ray foreign matter scanner can also detect product defects, damaged packaging and weight.

The basic principle of food foreign matter scanner is to use X-ray penetration, assemble photoelectric technology, integrate computer technology and digital signal processing technology, recognize, extract and identify image information through vision and mode. Identify and finally deal with foreign matters.

Several functions of food X-ray foreign matter scanner machine :

1. X-ray food foreign matter scanner can detect metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bone, plastic and other foreign bodies in various meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate and other foods;

2. Photoelectric X-ray machine can also identify product defects.

3. Food foreign matter scanner can detect bubbles, content defects, etc., and complete the finished product test.

4. Food foreign matter scanner can detect product deformation or product loss.

The X-ray foreign matter scanner controls the quality of the food industry, meets the requirements of HACCP and ifs certification, and identifies product defects, such as product damage, product deformation or product loss, to eliminate product quality. It is also widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industries.