Working mode of metal detector

- May 24, 2019-

Many people know the basic working principle of metal detector, and also know that there are many types of metal detector equipment, such as horizontal conveyor belt, free fall, pipeline, oblique conveyor and so on. But today, the small edition elaborates the working mode of metal detector from another angle.


There are two ways to divide the equipment from its usage state. One is intermittent. The other is continuous. The intermittent mode is that the products and materials are packed in the packaging box, and then each packaging box passes through the metal detector at a certain distance. In order to detect whether the packaging box enters the metal detector or not, we install a pair of photoelectric transmitters and receivers at the entrance of the metal detector. Usually the equipment is in a waiting state. Once the photoelectric receiver has signal output, the equipment enters the detection state. This method is the same as the principle of metal security door used in the market. No one passes through and it is in standby state. Once the photoelectric sensor passes through, the security door will work immediately and detect whether there is metal and alarm, etc. But if the material is scattered in the transmission process, the metal detection machine will be tested under the continuous working mode, so long as it is activated. Conveyor belt, metal detector has been in the state of detection.

At present, both of them are available in the market, but most of the equipments do not have photoelectric induction, because the conveyor belt is always in the running state in normal work, and the personnel will always operate on the side, and there is no need to be in standby state at all. But if the product spacing on the automatic assembly line is large, it is necessary to install photoelectric devices, so as to save energy consumption and prolong. Service life of equipment. In a word, it depends on the specific situation.