Working characteristics of X-ray metal detector

- Jan 20, 2020-

Working characteristics of X-ray metal detector

(1) The metal detection system has the function of automatic learning, which can best compensate the inherent conductivity of the inspected material. X-ray safety inspection machine, including X-ray tunnel; conveying device, used to transport goods through the channel; X-ray source used to irradiate goods; X-ray detection device, used to detect X-ray passing through goods. In one aspect, the detection device includes a photodetector array module that can be actuated between the first stow configuration and the second deployment configuration. In a second aspect, the detection device includes a first unit having a first photodetector array, and a second unit having a second photodetector array offset from the first unit. The cells may move relatively between the first and second arrangements, wherein the first arrangement causes the arrays to overlap to a first degree and the second arrangement causes them to overlap to a second lower degree. It's better to be zero. Moreover, the belt tracking device includes a guide frame to receive the belt and substantially restrict its movement in a predetermined direction. The X-ray detector box is ultra-thin and portable, with a thickness of less than 9cm.


2) The imaging area is too large, reaching 42cm * 30cm, and one corner of a larger bag can only be examined by X-ray fluoroscopy once.

3) The detection efficiency is very high, which can greatly reduce the radiation dose;

4) The X-ray detection box can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the shape and position of the object to be detected, and can be used for forward, side, reverse, tilt and downward movement;

5) Equipped with high-power and high-performance lithium-ion battery, more than 400 suspicious bags can be detected in one charge

6) 16 bit image gray level, image contrast can reach 65535:1, which is 200 times of the contrast of ordinary X-ray fluoroscopy image.

7) Powerful image processing software can acquire X-ray perspective image in real time and provide powerful professional digital image processing function.

8) AC and DC power supply. After connecting the 220V power supply, it can be used continuously for 24 hours.

The equipment can work normally in strong light and other harsh environment.