Workflow of Dynamic Weighing Machine in Logistics Industry

- Sep 17, 2019-

Dynamic weighing machine is widely used in logistics express industry. It can detect the weight of express packaging by using automatic weighing machine. Today we will talk about the workflow of weighing machine in logistics industry.

Work flow of automatic weighing scale:

Express bags are transported to the "weighing scale" after being packed by the box packer and sealed by the box packer.


1. Express enters the "acceleration section" of the weighing scale: the distance between the Express will be opened to ensure that when it enters the "weighing section", it is a single product rather than multiple Express. When the product sequence is irregular, it can also be sorted out by "acceleration section".

2. The express enters the "weighing section" of the weighing scale: the weighing system can quickly detect the weight of the express and immediately determine whether the weight of the express is within the target weight range. If the weight of the product is qualified, it will be sent to the checking scale without error; if the weight of the express is not qualified, the delay signal will be rejected. At the same time, the system will automatically record the qualified and unqualified number of express.

3. Express enters the "rejection section" of the weighing scale: When the rejection section detects the rejection delay signal, it will timely make the rejection action, and accurately reject the unqualified express to the unqualified product area.

4. Whether the transmission line induced by the photoelectric induction zone has been "blocked" after the express is out of the rejection section; if it has been blocked, the photoelectric feedback control box loader will be suspended.

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