With a liquid detector, you don't have to take a sip

- Feb 18, 2020-

With a liquid detector, you don't have to take a sip

With the strengthening of security check, liquid can not pass the security check at will. I think you've had the same experience. When you bring liquid in and out of the subway, the security personnel will say, "please have a try.". For liquid security check, is there any other security check method except "please have a try"?

As we all know, there have been many public safety accidents in the present society, so the safety inspection of public areas has also begun to grasp. For example, the airport, train and subway are the public areas with a large flow, holidays are the peak of travel, and the requirements for safety inspection are more stringent. In Nanjing, Beijing and other important cities, the implementation of "every package must be inspected, every liquid must be inspected Every person must be inspected. So the question is, what should the subway check? What are the main security equipment?

X-ray baggage inspection machine: there will be X-ray baggage inspection machine in the airport and railway station, which mainly scans the items in the baggage through X-ray, so as to detect whether there are any contraband without unpacking. By staring at the display screen, the security inspector can distinguish some contraband through the color and shape of the objects on the display screen. For example, the color of liquid is orange, firecrackers are green, metal items are black, and plastic items are blue. If any liquid or contraband is found in the bag, the 'post messenger' will be informed to open the bag for inspection. In general, the X-ray luggage inspection machines in airports and stations have their own special features. One camera is installed above each end of the conveyor belt. These two cameras are mainly used to monitor the X-ray machine of the security inspection equipment. In order to prevent passengers from taking bags by mistake or dealing with some disputes, it is convenient to retrieve the video at the first time.

Explosive detector: explosive detector is mainly used to detect the composition of explosive powder. If it is suspected that there are explosives in the passenger's luggage at the X-ray baggage inspection machine, the security inspector will first sample with the test paper, and then put the test paper in the machine, and then it can be tested. If there are prohibited goods such as k powder and TNT, the machine will alarm. Once explosives appear, they will be put into the explosion-proof ball immediately to prevent injury caused by explosion.


Liquid detector: if the passenger's luggage is detected to be filled with liquid when passing through the X-ray baggage detector, it needs to be taken out for recheck. The table type liquid detector can detect the bottled liquid and the liquid in the can. When ordinary water and drinks are placed on the tester, the green light will be on, and if it is a prohibited product such as gasoline or alcohol, the red light will be on. In addition to the desktop liquid detector, the security check point will also be equipped with a portable liquid detector, which is convenient for temporary detection when there are more passengers. Liquid security instrument is a kind of security instrument specially used to detect flammable and explosive liquid. It uses quasi-static computer tomography technology to determine the permittivity and conductivity of the liquid to be tested, so as to judge its flammability and explosiveness. The detector can distinguish liquid explosive, gasoline, acetone, ethanol, tenna water and other flammable and explosive liquids from water, cola, milk, juice and other safe liquids without directly contacting with the liquid. The use of this instrument is very simple. When using, just place the detector probe on the side of the container to be tested, the detection height is lower than the liquid level in the container, and then press the detection button. The green LED indicates that the liquid in the container is safe; the red LED indicates that there are flammable and explosive elements in the liquid at the same time. The detector does not contain ion, microwave radiation source and other potential dangerous elements, which is harmless to the operator. Liquid security devices have not been popularized yet. Due to various factors, the standards of liquid security are not uniform in various places. So there may be many people who do not understand the process of liquid security, and who will feel disgusted when they pass the security check.

Several situations of liquid security inspection:

1. If the liquid held by the passenger is beverage, the passenger will be invited to have a test drink, or the liquid detector will be used for inspection; if it is non beverage, the instrument will be used directly for inspection.

2. If the passenger puts the liquid in the bag, the security inspector will ask the passenger to take out the liquid after passing through the security detector. If it is a beverage, the passenger will be invited to have a try, or use the liquid detector for inspection. If it is a non beverage, the instrument will be used directly for inspection.

3. In another special case, if the passengers have just purchased a large number of bottles of liquid from the shopping mall or supermarket, if there are multiple bottles of the same liquid, the security check point will take the form of spot check, randomly select one or two bottles for inspection with instruments.

4. The passenger flow will also be affected by holidays, early peak and other factors. Therefore, depending on the passenger flow, in order to improve the speed of entering the station, the beverage will enter the security detector with the package during the peak period, and the security inspector will not force the passengers to "drink" before entering the station.