Why are metal separators attracting more and more attention?

- Jun 28, 2019-

In recent years, there are often netizens exploding that metal foreign bodies are found in the food they buy. They are frightened at the slightest level and hurt the body at the worst. Scenes and Scenes test the nerves of the public. In fact, besides food, metal foreign bodies are often found in medicines. Although there are metal detectors, there are usually omissions in some industries, and the existence of metal separators is even more important.


It is understood that in the production and processing of drugs, metal powder, particles, needle-shaped amorphous and other metal foreign bodies are often mixed into products due to wear and tear of equipment and manual negligence. Mixing these metals into medicines will bring great harm to the safety of medicines. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen metal detection and removal. Among them, metal separator plays an important role in the process of metal removal. More and more attention has been paid to metal detection.

Metal separators are divided by means of transporting the detected articles. Usually, metal separators are divided into channel type, falling type and pipeline type. At present, channel metal separator is the most common metal detection equipment in the market. The channel of the detector is square, usually equipped with conveyor belt mechanism, with automatic eliminating device, or providing alarm signal. When the goods on the conveyor belt pass through the detector, once there is metal, they will automatically remove or stop conveying. Mainly for on-line inspection of finished and semi-finished products, provide final inspection before shipment.

At present, most of the metal separators in China are imported from Germany and other advanced countries. Although the domestic self-produced metal separators can meet some product testing standards, their sensitivity is not high enough, and their performance is not stable enough to ensure the accuracy of the final product to remove metal foreign bodies. In the domestic metal separator production industry, strengthening the development and research of production technology is the most needed. Science and technology is the core competitiveness of the industry.