Where are the turnstile gates suitable for installation?

- Aug 21, 2019-

There are many types of turnstile gates, but in different situations, they are not suitable for each type of turnstile gates. Therefore, among the people we receive, many friends will ask what kind of brake is better for their place. For this problem, our professionals have made the following introduction.


Where are the turnstile gates suitable for installation?

1. First of all, let's talk about the tripod turnstile. The gate is mainly suitable for the occasion where the flow of people is relatively large. The maximum channel width of the three-roll brake can reach 550 mm. Therefore, the tripod turnstile is only suitable for passing people, not for non-motorized vehicles. The tripod turnstile is relatively monotonous in appearance, but its practicability can be said to be relative to the other two types of gates. The cost performance ratio of the three-roll gate is the largest. Of course, the wing gate and swing gate are also good.

2. Secondly, the flap gates are mainly used in some places where the requirements for appearance are relatively high. In some high-grade occasions, the winglets can not be used alone. They must be composed of two or more channels. The maximum channel composed of two flap gates is 550 mm. Generally, the flap gates can only pass people. If they pass through wheelchairs or luggage, they can also be extended by another extension type. Flexible wing gate, like Metro wing gate, can be pushed through by passengers with wheelchairs and large luggage. Wing gates are sought after by customers for their convenience and fashion. Its performance-price ratio is relatively neutral in the three models, because its price is twice as high as that of the three-roll gate.


3. Furthermore, swing gates are mainly used to pass people and non-motorized vehicles in some residential areas or factories. The advantage of swing gate is that its channel width is relatively wide, up to 1800 mm, which is very suitable for narrow areas at the entrance of residential areas or factories. In order to save local and traffic safety, a gate is divided into motor vehicle channel and a gate. For non-motor vehicle access, swing gate is the most suitable place for residential area or factory compared with three-roll gate and wing gate, but otherwise swing gate is slower than the other two because of its larger swing arm space, and the maintenance rate and the swing gate of three-roll gate are higher than that of the other two.

If there are no gatekeepers, residential areas, factories, construction sites and other high safety protection sites, Suzhou Aoteng Electron Technology Co., Ltd. recommends the use of full-height rotating gate.

1. The greatest advantage of full-height switching gate is that it can prevent people from jumping, climbing, escaping, anti-tailing, etc. The maximum height of full-height switching gate can reach 2600 mm, the maximum height of its passage can reach 550 mm, and the height of full-height switching gate is equivalent to the height of a fence, so it is a high switching gate without guards or personnel guards. Good choice. The channel width of the full-height switch is 550 mm as that of the three-roll gate. The full-height switch can also be effectively accessed by swiping cards or fingerprints.

2. Secondly, there is a higher-grade brake, mainly for the upgraded version of the wing brake and the swing brake, which adopts the advantages of the wing brake and the swing brake. The brake is mainly used in high-grade office buildings or high-grade entertainment places. The brake arm can be increased to 800 mm, and the diaphragm is transparent, which does not affect the effect of visitors visiting inside. The biggest difference between the wing gate and the swing gate is that the person can not climb to the other end. Its appearance effect is the highest-grade one.