What's the point of using a food metal detector?

- Jul 09, 2019-

With the increasing emphasis on food safety and household goods safety, and the increasing safety awareness of the people, the detection of metal foreign bodies is imminent. Major manufacturers also scratch their hands to improve product quality and protect their corporate image.


Of course, now the national laws and regulations have clear requirements on the safety and quality of food. At the same time, consumers'complaints to manufacturers when they eat food with problems are obviously on the rise. Especially for those products which have taken root in people's daily life, metal detectors build the last line of safety defense before manufacturers and retailers deliver the final products to consumers, which can protect the reputation of manufacturers'brands. Otherwise, once safety problems arise, enterprises will suffer heavy losses.

At present, primary raw material manufacturers, processing manufacturers, retailers, catering industry have been aware of such problems, and have carried out real-time supervision and monitoring of product production and processing process. This kind of safety can be effectively prevented by detecting metal foreign bodies in food raw materials, semi-finished products and final products, including foodstuffs obtained through poultry (such as poultry meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, etc.) and foodstuffs obtained through plants (such as fruits, flour, vegetables, sauces, condiments, etc.), cakes, drinks and meals. The whole problem arises.


Food safety is no trivial matter. In order to ensure that manufacturers can continuously improve the quality of products by means of testing equipment, so that consumers can buy safer and reassuring food from stores and supermarkets, the R&D team of Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology continuously upgrades the existing products, and at the same time continuously improves the innovative consciousness of team members. To develop new high-performance food metal detectors, metal separators, needle detectors and other types of metal detection products, feedback to new and old customers.