What's the difference between indoor and outdoor door frame metal detector ?

- May 11, 2019-

As we all know, door frame metal detector are divided into indoor use and outdoor waterproof security gates. What is the difference between them? Today I'd like to give you a brief introduction.

AT-500 范例_副本

1. Door frame difference: Our company's indoor door frame depth is 55 cm, while the outdoor door frame depth is 61 cm;

2. Footwear difference: outdoor safety inspection door footwear is 6 cm higher than indoor safety inspection door footwear, mainly to prevent the low end of the door board from soaking.

3. Chassis distinction: outdoor door security door chassis is made of aluminium-plastic plate, and there are waterproof rubber rings at the connection between chassis and door panel. But even outdoor security doors are not recommended to be completely open-air.

The main difference between indoor and outdoor security gates is whether they are completely waterproof. Different materials, different processes, different waterproofing grades, different man-made and production time, the production process of the outdoor door door security inspection is more stringent, so as to strengthen the resistance of the outdoor security inspection in the natural environment.

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