What measures should be taken to turnstile gate in thunderstorm days

- Sep 19, 2019-

It's April now. Thunderstorm is coming soon. Now, many of the turnstile gates are actually outdoors. It's rainy and windy. Therefore, thunderstorms are also a weather that needs special attention. Today, the technicians of Suzhou Aoteng Technology will come to introduce to your friends what measures should be taken for the locks in thunderstorm days. I hope I can give you some help.


What measures should be taken to turnstile gate in thunderstorm days?

1. Close doors and windows, do not use radio and TV sets with external antennas; it is better to plug the power supply of household appliances and unplug the power plug; reduce the use of phones and mobile phones.

2. Do not touch antennas, gas pipelines, wire mesh, metal windows, building exterior walls, etc. Stay away from live equipment, and do not stand barefoot on mud or cement ground.

3. Don't bathe with a sprinkler when thunder and lightning are over.

4. Choose steel frame or reinforced concrete buildings with lightning rods to avoid lightning. Three-roll gates, wing gates and swing gates should be paid attention to not approaching any part of lightning protection equipment.

5. Don't stay in open-air swimming pools, open water or boats, at the edge of trees, near lightning-proof objects such as poles, flagpoles, haystacks and tents, besides exposed metal objects such as rails, water pipes, gas pipes, electrical equipment, tractors, motorcycles, etc. Stay at the top of the hill or the top of the building; do not approach isolated trees or chimneys; do not hide in isolated shacks or guard pavilions in open areas.

6. It is not suitable to play umbrellas or hold up badminton rackets, three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, golf clubs, etc. in the field. Outdoor sports such as kicking, climbing, fishing and swimming should be interrupted immediately.

7. In case of thunder and lightning while driving, close the doors and windows to escape, and prevent motorcycle driving and bicycle riding.

8. When a high-voltage power line is struck by lightning, people nearby should evacuate quickly. The correct way is to quickly put both feet together and jump out of dangerous area with one leg. Close your cell phone in an open area.

What measures should be taken for the turnstile gate in thunderstorm days? From the above we can see that thunderstorm weather has a great impact on the brake. We'd better take precautions according to the above. Only in this way can the normal operation of the brake be guaranteed. Suzhou Aoteng Electron Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal detection and safety prevention and control equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. The main products of the turnstile gate are three-roll brake, swing brake, wing brake, translation brake, all-high brake, etc. The products sell well both at home and abroad. Welcome to come for further consultation.