What is the future development trend of X-ray screening machine?

- Mar 03, 2020-

What is the future development trend of X-ray screening machine?

We should be familiar with X-ray screening security machine, which is the inevitable security check when taking the subway high-speed rail bar to enter the station. It is to detect the luggage, backpack and other items carried by passengers. What is the development trend of X-ray screening security machine industry?

Analysis on the development trend of China's X-ray screening inspection machine industry in 2018-2023:


First, the speed of X-ray security scanning processing software continues to improve. According to the different caliber and specification, the scanning software of security inspection machine presents a variety of development trends. For example, small X-ray screening opportunities are becoming smaller and smaller to meet the needs of the post office box; while large X-ray screening machines may become larger and larger, or ADC scanning speed is faster, or more intelligent, or X-ray source life is longer. This trend has laid a foundation for the expansion of the application of X-ray screening machines.

Second, integrate the depth into various application systems. The high-end X-ray security machine is not a toy, it must undertake some high-level security missions; it will not fight alone, it will be more and more integrated into various security application systems. The higher the degree of integration with the application system, the greater the role of the X-ray screening machine. For example, in the future, the X-ray security inspection machine will perform tasks together with the unmanned security inspection machine, each of which will undertake its own tasks, but also cooperate with each other and learn from each other. This not only depends on the X-ray security machine's ability to distinguish dangerous substances, but also depends on the system's intelligence, information transmission and artificial intelligence decision-making.

To ensure the safety of passengers, the X-ray security inspection machine is used to detect articles and contraband.