What industries can food metal separators be used in?

- Aug 20, 2019-

Metal separator detects and separates metals by magnetic field induction principle generated by electric oscillating coil, which also belongs to the category of food metal detector. Generally, ferromagnetic metals are easy to detect, with high detection accuracy, followed by copper, aluminium, lead and other metals with good conductivity, but those with poor magnetic conductivity are easier to detect. For non-ferromagnetic metals (such as stainless steel), due to poor conductivity and magnetic conductivity, they pass through the detection area. After that, the effect of magnetic field is relatively weak, the difference induced by the system is relatively small, and the detection accuracy will be poor. The metal separators we see on the market at present are generally composed of the separator fuselage and automatic exclusion mechanism. The fuselage is the core part, which is equipped with high-speed data carding module and control system.


There are many kinds of metal separators. According to the way of material feeding and conveying, they can be divided into channel conveying type, free falling type and pipeline pumping type. We know the types of separators, then what are their application areas, or which products need metal separators for metal foreign body detection and separation. ? Next, let's introduce it to you.


1. For plastic rubber products, condiments, food additives, powder raw materials (such as milk powder, protein powder) and other industries, adding metal detection and separation equipment to the front part of the processing machinery to detect, can effectively protect the rear equipment, avoid the problem of damage caused by the entry of metal impurities.

2. It is suitable for the detection and separation of small granular products in bulk, such as fine powder granular products of Chinese herbal medicine, tea, chemical raw materials, etc.

3. For food raw materials, dried fruit industry, pharmaceutical industry such as flake, pill, capsule and other small-size products.

Above is the application scope of using metal separator, so where is the use of this machine, is it necessary? The main points are as follows:

1. It can protect the expensive production machinery and reduce the cost.

2. Reduce the downtime caused by equipment maintenance, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.

3. Improving the quality of the products of the production enterprises and eliminating the mixing of foreign metals.

4. Protect the corporate image in the minds of the common people and maintain a good reputation.