What factors affect the sensitivity of metal detectors?

- May 17, 2019-

Metal detectors are widely used in many industries, but the sensitivity of metal detectors varies with the types of metal contaminants. What factors will affect the sensitivity of metal detectors at present?


Opening size and location: In general, in order to obtain a consistent reading, the detection product should pass through the center of the metal detector opening. If the opening position is too large and the detection product is too far from the wall, it is difficult to carry out effective detection. The larger the opening, the worse the sensitivity of the metal detector.

Packaging materials used in products: Any redundant metal materials will have an impact on the detection. If the packaging materials contain metal materials, it will undoubtedly affect the sensitivity of the detection equipment, and may also produce wrong metal signals. Therefore, in order to meet this demand, Heiman can provide aluminum foil metal detector equipment.

Product characteristics: Due to some special characteristics of products, such as meat and poultry products with high moisture or salt content, it is easy to produce the same behavior as metal when passing through the metal detector, which will easily lead to the "wrong" signal of equipment and affect the sensitivity of identification.

Working frequency: Because different products have different characteristics, so the metal detector should adjust the electromagnetic frequency according to different types of products, otherwise it is prone to sensitive identification errors. For dried products such as snacks, metal detectors are more efficient at high frequencies, but for wet products such as meat and poultry, it is better to operate at lower frequencies!

Circumstances: Check the metal detector is surrounded by a strong magnetic field or large metal blocks, these substances will change the magnetic field around the metal detector, and then the normal operation of the equipment, resulting in identification errors.

In addition to the above factors, the sensitivity and accuracy of the metal detector's own equipment is also an important factor. As a domestic professional metal detection equipment manufacturer, SUZHOU AOTENG currently has a number of high-quality and high-precision metal detection equipment to provide. The products have higher sensitivity, more stable and reliable use, and can customize the exclusive equipment scheme for different industries.