What exactly is a speed gate?

- Oct 29, 2019-

What exactly is a speed gate?

Among all the gate products, the quick pass gate is popular with customers and widely used. It is an important part of the intelligent entrance and exit control system. So, what is the speed gate?

What are the classifications of quick speed doors?

According to the different movement modes of the wing, the common quick pass gate can be divided into two types: scissor gate (wing gate) and swing gate.

(1) scissor doors are often used in rail transit, and most of the common scissor doors appear in subway and other places. The gate wing extends from the inside of the box, which can effectively seal the passage and play the role of access control. In addition, the door body is equipped with infrared sensing device, which can realize the purpose of "one person one card: single pass".

(2) swing door appears later than scissor door, which belongs to the second generation of quick pass door. The characteristic of this kind of quick pass door is that its wing operates in front and back direction. The operation process is within the range of human vision, which is safer. In addition, since the wing does not have to be retracted into the box, the swing door style is more variable. Because of the above characteristics, swing doors are generally used in banks, enterprise buildings, high-grade office buildings, etc.

Working principle of quick speed gate:

The door wing is driven by the control system to open and close automatically, and the operation mode can be selected by programming: as long as it is verified that the entrant has been authorized, the door wing will open automatically. Closed after delay, delay time adjustable.

Wing gate is the entrance and exit control equipment of people flow passage, mainly used in factories, business buildings, elevator entrances, stairways, dining halls, hotels, museums, gymnasiums, clubs, subways, stations, wharves and other places. Through the installation of wing gate, people can pass through the channel orderly, and record the swiping information of personnel, so as to realize one person one card passing. Wing gate organically integrates mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various identification technologies to facilitate the use of IC card, ID card, barcode card, fingerprint instrument, face recognition instrument, palmprint instrument and other card reading and identification equipment. Through the selection of various identification system equipment and the use of reliable safety protection device, alarm device, direction indication, etc., the channel can be coordinated and realized. Intelligent control and management.