What are the matters needing attention in the installation of access control system

- Aug 30, 2019-

As a professional research and development, production and sales of access gate machine. Suzhou Otten Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has gone through 10 years. For the installation of access control, we have our own unique understanding. Although we provide installation services, some customers want to install them alone because of the related technology. In this regard, we would like to introduce to your friends in this article, what are the precautions for the installation of access control management system? I hope to be able to give some help to friends.


I. Notices for the Device and Debugging of Access Control Management System

1. Power supply:

Ensure adequate power, use linear power supply as far as possible, door lock and controller should be powered separately. The power supply device is as close as possible to the electrical equipment to prevent interference and transmission loss.

2. Wiring:

It is divided into power line, communication line and signal line. When wiring, pay attention to separate strong and weak current. Request for separation between two tubes is greater than 20 cm. Power Wire: Wire diameter is thick enough to use multiple wires. Signal and communication lines: shielded twisted pair of five types. Among them, 485 bus must use twisted pair of wires to connect A+, A-. Four-core shielding wire of 4*0.5 is recommended when choosing and purchasing wires.

Notice the following points:

Shielding wire must not be used as the connection line of 0V voltage (power ground). Each shielding circuit can only have one ground end. When the shielding circuit can not be grounded, the shielding wire can be connected to another shielding circuit of the network.

· The signals of each module must be connected together.

· If there is a breakpoint in the middle of the line, it is necessary to weld the breakpoint with soldering iron and do a good job of insulation disposal. · Don't put network connection together with AC power supply.

· If the network connection exceeds 1200 meters, a repeater should be added, and the repeater can be extended by 1200 meters.

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3. Access control system:

Pay attention to the selection of device location to avoid electromagnetic interference.

· Card reader: Do not install on metal objects. The interval between two card readers should not be less than 30 cm. It is better to supply power through the controller. If the card reader is powered from outside alone, the power supply of the card reader should be linear regulated power supply (transformer), and the negative pole of DC can not be connected to the ground end of AC.

· Network adapter: The connection between the controller and the network adapter is handheld. · Controller: Controller without isolation, it is advocated to use the same power supply.

· Lock: When installing the magnetic lock, the lock body and the relay plate must be separated tightly, otherwise the suction will be insufficient. Electric latch, if need to open the socket when installing the electric latch, pay attention to the aperture must be large enough, the depth must be deep enough to allow the lock tongue to insert completely. The lock tongue can not be inserted completely. After the lock door, it will appear that the lock tongue keeps beating or the working current is constantly large, and the lock body is hot.

4. Use multi-entrance guard controller to pay attention to its device location

The location of multi-access control device should be selected according to the safety level of the protection area. In the same level controlled area, the access control controller can be installed in an arbitrary controlled area. When controlling multiple doors with different safety levels, the access control device should be installed in areas with higher safety levels.

5. Use multi-entrance guard controller to pay attention to the protection of electronic lock connection

When the electronically controlled lock must be laid separately from the controlled area, the same level controlled area and the high level controlled area, it may become a weak point to be attacked. We must prevent this situation, install it in the high level controlled area as far as possible, and do a good job in protecting the execution of local input cables.

Note: Detailed equipment wiring should be completed in accordance with various access control equipment wiring requests to maintain detailed wiring diagram for future maintenance.