What are the functions and characteristics of fruit metal detector?

- Jun 17, 2019-

Food safety has always been a very important issue. Since the occurrence of fruit needle hiding incident in Australia, the adverse impact of fruit safety has attracted great attention. At present, many fruit enterprises have begun to purchase fruit metal detectors. What are the functions and characteristics of fruit metal detectors?


AOTENG Fruit Metal Detector Function:

AOTENG fruit metal testing machine has a variety of working frequency, high sensitivity, can store more than 100 kinds of product information, is very suitable for various production lines, long-term work can also ensure its quality, special structure suitable for strong vibration, no false alarm suitable for less than 2 kg light packaging, has a strong waterproof ability, transmission speed can be adjusted, easy to clean.

AOTENG Fruit Food Metal Detector features:

(1) Dual signal detection, the sensitivity of iron and non-iron metal detection is individually indicated and independently adjusted.

(2) The detection sensitivity is high and the product effect inhibition ability is very strong. It can adapt to the detection of various products.

(3) It has strong environmental adaptability and can work in high temperature and humidity.

(4) Good waterproof performance, fully sealed detection head and instrument box, suitable for humid working environment.

AOTENG metal detector is widely used in the food field, and has adjusted and developed equipment according to the characteristics of fruit. It can realize high-precision detection of fruit products, escort the food safety of fruit manufacturers. Welcome customers who need metal detection to contact and consult!