What are the differences between these eliminating devices of on-line weighing machines?

- Oct 04, 2019-

Each manufacturer has the same way of eliminating the weight of the machine. It is customized according to different industries and products of different weights, and chooses the right way of eliminating the weight of the machine for its own enterprise. There are mainly five ways to eliminate the weighing scale, namely, blowing, swing bar, push rod, dumping and falling.

The first type: air-blowing type

Compared with other removal methods, the speed is very fast, suitable for lighter products or fragile products, such as medical gauze, boxed packaging drugs, etc.


The second type: swing rod type

Speed ranks second, the advantage is that both sides are eliminated products, generally used in the aquatic industry, such as fish and shrimp, a variety of fresh seafood sorting.

The third type: push rod type

Medium speed, high precision, suitable for removing bottle shortage, missing parts and other products with large weight.

The fourth type: dumping type

Medium speed, suitable for thinner products.

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