Washington passenger carrying toy guns through metal detector gate was confiscated by inspectors

- Dec 12, 2019-

Washington passenger carrying toy guns through metal detector gate was confiscated by inspectors

Airport security inspection is very strict all over the world, and has also received great attention. Many people think that China's airport security inspection requirements are harsh. In fact, in the United States and other western countries, the detection technology is higher and the requirements are higher. For example, toy Mini gun hanging is not allowed to carry!

According to the Huffington Post on December 9, a woman selling handmade "Sock Monkey" puppets in Washington state, who was preparing to take a plane at St. Louis Airport in Missouri with sewing materials, seized the 5-cm-long puppet accessories mini toy gun on the spot after being identified as dangerous by security inspectors of walk through metal detector gate.


Phyllis may, a Sock Monkey vendor in Redmond, Washington, told the media that she was shocked and stunned by the incident when the mini toy gun the puppet wore on her body was found to be likely to endanger flight safety.

May and her husband were planning to fly back to Seattle from St. Louis. When they were under security inspection at the metal detection gate passage at the airport, TSA officials believed that the mini toy gun they carried in their carry on luggage was in clear violation of safety regulations.

Mei said the toy gun, about 5cm long, was a part of the Sock Monkey puppet, which was modeled as a cowboy in the western United States. It was put in the carry on luggage with other sewing materials at that time. Transportation security officials told her that "a toy gun is a gun", and she clarified that the gun is just a puppet's modeling accessories, but the response was "if you lift it against your neck, how do you know whether the gun is real or not?" Mei was told that the toy gun had to be confiscated on the spot. If she didn't want to cooperate, she had to inform the police to deal with it.

Mei said she finally agreed to confiscate the gun, and the Transportation Security Bureau returned her other sewing materials without informing the police.