Villagers in Chicheng County of Zhangjiakou discovered Yuan Datou's silver dollar by using underground detectors.

- Aug 17, 2019-

The metal below. In addition to its military applications, it is also widely used in safety inspection, archaeology, prospecting and scrap metal search. Also known as "iron detectors" is a good helper for waste recycling.


Metals buried underground and detected through thick soil layers are bound to be affected by the geological structure. There are various minerals in the stratum, and they can also make metal detection produce signals, which can mask the signals of metals and create false impressions. People who have used old metal detectors all have this experience. As the detectors approach the earth heap, rocks and bricks, alarm sounds will be emitted. This phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction". For this reason, the old underground metal detectors can only detect the metal in shallow soil, but can not do anything for the deep underground metal. Now some underground metal detectors are equipped with advanced balance system, which can eliminate the interference of "mineralization reaction" and greatly improve the detection depth and effect of the instrument.


Not long ago, villagers in Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou, with underground metal detectors to detect Yuan Datou, gathered hundreds of people in a small area of land. With the help of underground metal detectors, they save time and can accurately find the hiding place of the baby. Underground metal detectors can also be used in many aspects, such as rapid search by public security and criminal departments; detection of metal foreign bodies in raw materials, fuel and food; inspection of metal articles in mail and bags; exploration of underground pipelines and cables; recovery of waste metals; Archaeology and prospecting, and discovery of gold and silver treasures and metals buried underground. Cultural Relic.