Usage and precautions of dangerous liquid detector

- Dec 02, 2019-

Usage and precautions of dangerous liquid detector

I believe that the dangerous liquid detector is relatively unfamiliar to you, especially how to use it and what are its precautions. Here is an introduction of Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

The operation of the hand-held liquid detector is very simple. When using it, just place the probe of the hand-held liquid detector on the side of the container to be tested (glass bottle, iron bottle, plastic bottle, etc.), the detection height is lower than the liquid level in the container, then press the detection button, the green indicator light will be on, and the words "O" and "safe liquid" will appear on the display screen to indicate that the liquid in the container is safe; red means When the indicator light is on, the words "X" and "dangerous liquid" appear on the display screen, and the alarm sound is heard at the same time, indicating that the liquid in the container is flammable and explosive. The liquid detector does not contain ion, microwave radiation source and other potential dangerous elements, which is harmless to operators.


Precautions for dangerous liquid detector:

1. The radiation of electric appliances, mobile phones, etc. that ordinary people contact is non ionizing radiation. According to the current research, this radiation has no harmful effect on human beings.

2. Use the liquid level detector to comply with the manufacturer's safety specifications, and do not let yourself get additional injury.

3. The radiation dose produced by the liquid level detector must be very small, but don't neglect it.

4. Liquid level detector, because it uses nuclear technology (the vast majority), the radiation produced is nuclear radiation, which is a kind of ionizing radiation. Therefore, in the process of use, it is necessary to observe the safety regulations of the manufacturer, do not let yourself suffer additional injury, and it is recommended to follow the operation rules, or accompanied by relevant personnel.