Unmanned intelligent security channel system solution

- Nov 29, 2018-

The system function description:

1. The system can automatically import (local or remote management center can import) personnel system personnel information; add and delete temporary entry and exit personnel information and leave permissions;

2. The system and the personnel system are updated synchronously, and the corresponding personnel information can be automatically added and deleted according to the changes of the personnel system personnel; (the personnel system is required to provide information data)

3. Warehouse management can be set to register for temporary access and need to swipe the card personnel and face recognition information to compare the pass, custom access permissions period.

4. The maximum information capacity of each warehouse registered personnel is 20,000.

5. Swipe plus face recognition information and information comparison security system to collect corresponding face information according to the imported personnel system personnel information.

6. According to the access authority, personnel type, etc., the identity information and face information of the personnel are sent to the corresponding warehouse.

When the personnel leave the warehouse and the identity information does not exist, the system automatically alerts (displays the window) on the display screen, prompting the security guard to guide the corresponding personnel to the warehouse collection office to verify the identity, register the face information and leave the right;

7. When the person leaves, if there is no item, the card reader information comparison recognition (0.5 seconds for face recognition) passes through the security check channel, and the face is verified after passing the verification. The system automatically records the person's name, face information and leaves. time;

8. (VIP/Supervisor) If you leave the item, if you carry the item, the card is swiped and the face recognition is compared to OK. After passing through the security inspection channel, the X-ray machine gate is opened to check the item. When the item is detected by the X-ray machine, the system automatically records the identity of the person. Information, face information, item X-ray machine pictures, and one-to-one correspondence (personal identity information, face information and item X-ray machine three information at the same time enter a picture for automatic preservation).

9. Security door abnormal warning:

1) If the item is abnormally detected by the X-ray machine, the control center screen warning (pop-up window) notifies the administrator. The on-site record personnel information record is uploaded (if an unauthorized person forcibly pushes the item).

2) If the personnel detects the abnormality through the security door, the voice prompt is given on the scene and the instant warning (pop-up window) prompts the security center to facilitate the first-time processing and upload the corresponding personnel information record.

3) If the person's face is compared to identify abnormal identity information, a voice prompt is given on the scene and an instant warning (pop-up window) is performed and the record is uploaded. (In and out of frequent personnel, unauthorised personnel across the district)

4) One minute before the abnormal alarm, the alarm will be provided for 2 minutes after the alarm is extended. The administrator can watch the processing time as long as 5 minutes, of course, it can be shorter. (Backstage requires management to process the result annotation)

10. System records:

1. The person leaves the time, carries the item and whether there is any abnormality, and the file is automatically archived.

2. The work report can be generated intelligently according to the time period, warehouse, name, abnormal situation, etc.

3. The on-site face recognition machine supports CCTV full-time recording and provides 90 days to query information and support memory expansion capacity.