To promote the snow project, Shaanxi is seriou

- Jun 05, 2018-

The “Snow Liang Project” is the main highlight of this exhibition. The “Xiliang Xueliang Project Construction Achievement Exhibition” area was established at the exhibition, Shaanxi Radio and TV Network Media (Group), China Mobile Shaanxi Branch, China Unicom Shaanxi Branch, and Shaanxi Many exhibitors such as Sino-Ocean Technology, Xi'an Xiangxun, Hikvision, and Dahua Co., Ltd. focused on the “Sleek Project” technologies, products, solutions and application cases.


The reporter learned from Shaanxi Radio and TV Network Media (Group) Co., Ltd. that the Shaanxi Radio and Television Network is the clear construction and operation unit of the “Snow Liang Project” in Shaanxi Province, which is the provincial coordination work leading group of the “Xingliang Project” in Shaanxi Province. Shaanxi Radio and Television Network relies on its “Qingling Cloud” integration business and “Snowing Project” construction to continuously realize business transformation and upgrading. In order to promote the construction of Xueliang Project, the company also invested RMB 100 million to set up the "Snowing Project" project company - Shaanxi Video Big Data Construction and Operation Co., Ltd.


At present, the "Qinling Cloud" project is setting off a climax of cloud computing, big data, and "Internet +" applications; the "Snow Liang Project" is starting a new situation in which the 33 committees of the Party Committee and the government have made concerted efforts to jointly build a concerted effort. Up to now, Shaanxi Radio and TV Network has signed contracts with 9 cities including Heyang Heyang, Shangluo Zhenan, Baoji Hi-tech Zone and other cities, counties, and districts, and the contracted contract amount is about 800 million yuan, highlighting the construction of Shaanxi “Snowing Project”. Great potential.


During the exhibition, the organizing committee also held the "2018 New Era Peace Construction and the Xueliang Project Western Development Forum." Shaanxi provincial, city, county comprehensive management and public security representatives attended the forum. It can be seen from this that Shaanxi Province is serious in advancing the construction of the "Snow Bright Project."